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A small sample of our collection...

Jack Wright Saloon

Diorama of the famous Jack Wright Saloon that was located on the Northeast side of the square 1870’s with original saloon mirror.  The mirror has its own history from the saloon to a barber shop in Gustine and then donated to the museum.

John Wesley Hardin

Paintings, photos, and memorabilia of John Wesley Hardin; well known outlaw.  Killer of Brown County Deputy Webb in 1874.

Native Americans

Diorama of  a Comanche Native American family campsite.

Veteran Salute

Veterans area WWI, WWII, thru Vietnam.  Pictures, uniforms, flight gear, and other memorabilia. 

BlackSmith Area

Blacksmith area with windmill head and various tools.

Child Area.jpg

Children's Area

Special area of the museum focused on children and playtime activities


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