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Open Thursday-Saturday 10-4pm

Upcoming Events

Thursday June 20th at 3 pm

Old Fashioned Game Day at the Museum

Board games & Card games

Thursday, July 11th at 11 am

GRANNY reads to Children

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​​Check out the new interactive 'EXPERIENCE'

Interactive screen available to view multimedia and highlights of our collection.

The Comanche County Historical Museum is renowned for its fascinating history and impressive collection of artifacts. With fourteen rooms dedicated to preserving and showcasing the heritage of Comanche County, visitors can delve into the intriguing past of the region.

The museum proudly exhibits items associated with notable figures such as John Wesley Hardin, a notorious outlaw, and Robert Thomas Hill, who is considered the Father of Geology in Texas. Additionally, visitors can learn about the Cunningham family and beloved Uncle Mart Fleming and their contributions to the local community.

One of the remarkable aspects of the museum is that it offers free admission to all visitors. However, the museum relies on donations to support its operations and maintain its exhibits.

If you plan to visit the Comanche County Historical Museum, keep in mind that it operates from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, Thursday through Saturday. The museum also accommodates special appointments for those who cannot visit during regular hours.

Whether you have a specific interest in the history of Comanche County or simply appreciate small town museums, the Comanche County Historical Museum is a must-see destination when visiting Central Texas.

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