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Mission Statement

Preserving history, heritage, and artifacts to honor the hardships, challenges, and triumphs of our Comanche County Founders and pass on this history, knowledge, and legacy to current and future generations.

Conserving Genealogy Heritage and History is our goal!

The Comanche County Historical Society, established in 1973, has been dedicated to preserving the heritage of Comanche County. In 1975, Joe Maxwell, a local tax consultant, and attorney, generously donated 3.2 acres of land and buildings to the Historical Society for the purpose of creating a county museum.

Over the course of three years, volunteers worked diligently to clean the buildings and gather historical memorabilia from various communities in the area. These communities include Comanche, DeLeon, Lamkin, Sipe Springs, Board Church, Creamer, Newburg, Sidney, Stag Creek, and Gap. The collected items were then exhibited in the museum. In October 1978, the museum officially opened its doors to the public, featuring displays in the Big Room and five side rooms.

Since its inception, the museum has experienced significant growth and expansion. It now houses over 14 rooms of historical exhibits, along with a workshop area, office, and supply room, encompassing an impressive 50,000 square feet of space.

The museum is an active member of the Comanche, Texas Chamber of Commerce and is part of the Texas Forts Trail, a network of historic sites and landmarks in Texas.

To support its operations, the museum relies on donations from individuals and organizations. It is open to the public from Thursday to Saturday, between 10am and 4pm. Additionally, the museum offers school, private, and group tours by appointment. Those interested can become supporting members, and the museum also welcomes volunteers and contributions of historical artifacts relevant to its mission.

The Comanche County Historical Society Museum serves as a valuable resource for preserving and sharing the rich history of Comanche County and its surrounding communities.


Bobby Lane (Newburg)

Eddie Cox (Newburg)

Cris Bloyd (Comanche)

Fain McDaniel (Sidney)

Garry Steele (Sidney)


1st VP:

2nd VP:


Past President:

Tommy Alford (Sipe Springs)

Sandy Blackwood (Comanche)

Cindy Brannan (Comanche)

Gary Easley (Vandyke)

Beth Fairbrother (Granbury)

Larry Harbour (Comanche)

Steve McWilliams (Newburg)

Mika Prater (Newburg)

Kaye Stinson (Comanche)

Lee White (Comanche)

Kevin Wilson (Brownwood)




Emeritus Board:

Emeritus Board:

Emeritus Board:

Friend of CCHM:

Keith Prater (Newburg)

Caroline Pinkard (Sidney)

Rae Jean Hasty (DeLeon)

Missy Jones (Comanche)

Preston Cox (Comanche)

Linda Rippetoe (Newburg)

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